Mapacha Village - Watamu - Kenya | Case in vendita
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Case in vendita

Mapacha Village  è anche la costruzione di case indipendenti su progetto.


I nostri clienti posssono creare la loro casa con il supporto dei nostri architetti rispettando il progetto architettonico, ampliare gli spazi e i servizi.


Ogni casa è indipendente con la propria piscina e un giardino tropicale di circa 1000mq in piena autonomia e con pochissimi vincoli condominiali.


Le nostre case possono essere gestite al meglio creando al cliente una rendita coerente.

Mapacha Village is an ongoing project hidden in a compound with many private houses and luxury rooms for rent.


The style of the houses are in keeping with the traditional Africa lifestyle with outdoor kitchen and open plan living. Each has their own private pool and outdoor living area.


When you purchase the circa 1000mq land you have the option of pool sizes and number of rooms to suit your individual taste.


The lush gardens and privacy each has to offer is the perfect getaway destination for your family, you can lock up and walk away knowing that your house is cared for and in a secure environment.


You also have the option to rent your investment should you wish to.